The 4 Erotic Explorers met while studying Sexological Bodywork in 2020. Despite (or perhaps due to) the stress of living through lengthy Covid-19 lockdowns, they formed strong personal and working relationships with each other through sharing online and in person study.

Since completing the course, they have made it their mission to work together in creating spaces and offerings that make sex ed fun, sexy, accessible and safe. 

The 4 Erotic Explorers


Certified Sexological Body Worker, embodied counsellor

Kaggi Valentine is a somatic sex educator and sexological bodyworker who is specialising in scar remediation.

She has a background in shiatsu and TCM, reproductive massage and has facilitated women’s circle work for over 20 years.  She is also a home birth mother of 3 kids and has worked as a trained birthing doula.

A constant theme in her professional and personal journey is unearthing the wisdom of the body. Kaggi  

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Certified Sexological Body Worker, embodied counsellor

Born in the deep south of New Zealand in 1969 Patrick has been a telephone counsellor for Youth Line, a DJ, Photographer, music producer, visual artist, horticulturist, retail shop assistant & National Sales &  Marketing Manager. Patrick now lives with his partner in rural Victoria just outside Melbourne.

In 2013 he was involved in a serious car accident that changed everything 

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Certified Sexological Body worker,  physiotherapist

Juke is a pelvic health physiotherapist and a somatic sexologist who has been living and working in different countries for the last 17 years. She has returned to the Netherlands, and is now practising pelvic health physiotherapy and integrates her knowledge as a somatic sex educator which has transformed how she works completely.


 In her point of view, it’s the combination of

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Certified Sexological Body Worker, embodied counsellor

After quitting a soul sucking 9-5 office job, Sam began working in the sex industry where she has explored camming, porn, erotic massage, full service sex work/ companion and kink services.

Initially the idea was to support herself while studying to be a psychologist. However, after witnessing firsthand how conscious touch, guidance in somatic awareness, unpressured

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