Born in the deep south of New Zealand in 1969 Patrick has been a telephone counsellor for Youth Line, a DJ, Photographer, music producer, visual artist, horticulturist, retail shop assistant & National Sales & a Marketing Manager.

In 2013 he was involved in a serious car accident that changed everything for him. Five years later many of the physical symptoms were improving, but psychologically he was was no better off. Heavily addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and was still unable to cross the road unaided or even operate a camera. Years of cognitive behavioural therapy had left him feeling broken. At this stage probably due to heavy use of pharmaceutical drugs he was unable to perform sexually or even sing or dance. The colour had drained out of his world. He sought the help of a somatic sex therapist & counsellor. He was so amazed and delighted by the results, making more progress in five months than he had in five years. He decided to study in the field of embodied counselling and somatic sexological bodywork / somatic sexology through the Australian Institute of Somatic Sexology. Since then he has given and received hundreds of sessions both in person and online over zoom.
The areas he is most passionate about are men’s issues, working with couples, sexual abuse survivors (this needs to be in conjunction with or after some trauma therapy), group workshops and teaching Erotic Embodiment classes.
Contact Patrick at or visit his website for more info or to book a session.