After quitting a soul sucking 9-5 office job, Sam began working in the sex industry where she has explored camming, porn, erotic massage, full service sex work/ companion and kink services. Initially the idea was to support herself while studying to be a psychologist. However, after witnessing firsthand how conscious touch, guidance in somatic awareness, unpressured pleasure and play can be creatively crafted into powerful transformative experiences, she allowed herself to tumble down the very sexy rabbit hole of sexual development and education. This decision has paid enormous dividends in her own capacity for intimacy, healthy relating and self-regulation, benefits she believes are accessible to anyone who intentionally explores eroticism.

Having now completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, training as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and an Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling, she seeks to share the skills and knowledge gained through her work and study with a wider audience through Erotic Embodiment classes and workshops. She also offers one on one erotic education and enrichment sessions with clients who desire a practice partner and guide with whom to develop sexual and relational skills. Permission to explore, turning novelty into knowledge by meeting the resilient edge, reducing pressure, expectation and judgement and making space for integration are the cornerstones of her professional practice.