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“Sex Education that is sexy, fun, accessible and safe.”

The 4 Erotic Explorers met while studying Sexological Bodywork in 2020. Despite (or perhaps due to) the stress of living through lengthy Covid-19 lockdowns, they formed strong personal and working relationships with each other through sharing online and in person study. Since completing the course, they have made it their mission to work together in creating spaces and offerings that make sex ed fun, sexy, accessible and safe. 

Meet the Team

Each of the 4 Erotic Explorers brings their own unique skillset and experience to their sessions and classes. 

What do Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Educators do?

The remit of sexological bodyworkers has expanded in the last few decades. There are sexological bodyworkers and somatic sex educators working with erotically active people of all life stages, genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and abilities. This presents almost limitless erotic inquiries to work with. Take note of that language –  the educational contract lies at the heart of sexological bodywork sessions. 

You might hear the phrase “embrace the clunky”. This mantra abounds among somatic sex educators, and is informed by recent developments in learning theory and research in neuroplasticity. The clunki-ness is where learning happens –where your brain rewires itself to form new connections and strengthen these connections with practice. Allowing for clunkiness relieves the anxiety that all too often arises from the pressure to perform, to get things right, to flow effortlessly in sex. 

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