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Erotic Education that is sexy, fun and accessible. 

The 4 Erotic Explorers are sexuality professionals whose mission is to support people in exploring their eroticism. 

Using somatic awareness and embodiment practices, we invite our clients to get curious about their sexuality and to expand their capacity for pleasure.

We create learning experiences that are inclusive, trauma-informed and person-centred to deliver sex education that is sexy, fun, accessible and safe.

Erotic Embodiment Classes

Join our community of erotic explorers every Monday at 6pm AEST for Erotic Embodiment Class. ​

Classes are held online over Zoom so you can attend from anywhere in the world while in your own space.


Each week one of the 4 Erotic Explorers offers a practice intended to support your connection to your body and expand your pleasure potential. ​

This space is intended to be somewhere people can feel confident to express themselves and share about their experience. As a group, we form agreements that help keep our classes safe, where each attendee can feel for the kind of engagement that best suits them. 

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“I attended a class led by Patrick. I felt a deepening sense of ‘erotic community’. It feels like a deepening connection of the life force, shared with others that can witness and reflect that energy in an atmosphere of loving acceptance.”

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