Kaggi Valentine was born and grew up in London in the UK. Her life has led her through all manner of adventures, all of which inform the work she offers today.  Traveling in India and Central America as a young woman, she first connected with ancient practices and ways of knowing that have continued to influence her perspective on expansion and healing. Her personal experience coming off birth control led to a reclaiming of the wisdom contained in her bodily cycles and their relationship with the cycles of nature. 

She moved to Australia 25 years ago and after connecting with a sisterhood, began supporting other women in their relationship to their blood through circle work, workshops and retreats with the 13 Moons Blood Mysteries. In 2000 Kaggi gave birth to her first child, experiencing a powerful initiation into motherhood. In 2003 her second child was born and Kaggi trained as a birth doula with Rhea Dempsey to support other women in having supported birthing experiences. Her third child was born in 2010. 

A constant theme in her professional and personal journey is unearthing the wisdom of the body. Kaggi has completed training and work experience in shiatsu massage and oriental medicine, Mizan therapy, and most recently sexological bodywork and embodied counselling. Sexological bodywork, in particular, has allowed for integration of pleasure and sex positivity (two important personal values) into her professional practice. 

Kaggi has developed a broad range of approaches for allowing somatic stories to be heard, validated and tended to. She is currently deepening her studies of pelvic steaming and scar remediation, and plans to incorporate these powerful practices into her work with clients. She is now a Midlife woman and with her passion over the years for embracing and honouring change she is particularly interested in working with all bodies that are going through transitions of any kind.

Visit www.13moonsbloodmysteries.com for more information on her women’s initiation work or to purchase a charting calendar

She is currently working on her personal website.