Kaggi Valentine is a somatic sex educator and sexological bodyworker who is specialising in scar remediation.

She has a background in shiatsu and TCM, reproductive massage and has facilitated women’s circle work for over 20 years.  She is also a home birth mother of 3 kids and has worked as a trained doula.

A constant theme in her professional and personal journey is unearthing the wisdom of the body. Kaggi has developed a broad range of approaches for allowing somatic stories to be heard, validated and tended to. What she loves about somatic sexology is how completely client centred it is and how we allow and integrate pleasure into the body and open to new possibilities.

She is now a peri menopausal woman and with her passion over the years for embracing and honouring change she is particularly interested in working with all bodies that are going through transitions and openings of any kind.  

She is also a passionate advocate for anal health and wellness.

To contact her, make a booking or find out more about her multi-disciplinary approach to accessing pleasure and living a sex positive life that suits you, visit her website.



 Or visit www.13moonsbloodmysteries.com for more information on her women’s initiation work or to purchase a charting calendar