For individuals, couples and other relationship configurations


What does a private session look like?

Based on your learning objective and how you show up on the day of the session, the practitioner will work with you to create an educational contract that establishes the activities and boundaries of their work together.

The practitioner will offer embodiment exercises or somatic experiences that invite the conscious use of breath, movement, sound and touch to develop the skills and awareness to meet your overall intentions.


Possible activities include:

  • A guided body scan 
  • Breathwork 
  • Masturbation coaching 
  • Games to develop embodied consent and communication 
  • Massage or scar remediation 
  • Mapping for anatomical structures or pleasure

Sessions are offered both online and in person (covid restrictions permitting).

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Help With…


  • Naming and knowing your own anatomy


  • Increasing sensation and pleasure
    • Genital, anal and full body sensation, pleasure and orgasm. 
    • Alone or with a partner 


  • Habitual patterns, for example…
    • Unwanted reliance on porn
    • Limited pathways to pleasure and orgasm
    • Doing it the same way every time!


  • Developing agency and assertiveness


  • Communicating and doing consent well 


  • Developing sexual skills


  • Understanding turn ons, turn offs and arousal style 


  • Dismantling sexual shame


  • Your body behaving in ways you don’t want it to, for example…
    • Low arousal/ libido
    • Lack of erection
    • Early or delayed ejaculation
    • Vaginismus/ vulvodinia
    • Pain during sex


  • Maintaining eroticism through…
    • Ageing
    • Reproduction
    • Gender confirmation
    • Other medical  procedures
    • Illness


Sexological bodyworkers adhere to a code of conduct to ensure their relationships with clients are ethical and safe

Code Of Conduct

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